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Midland G7 Pro Case Set 4 MKII, Intercom Case Set, By Alan Electronics, Consisting of 4x Dual Band LPD/PMR radio for professional and recreational use, Colour: Black, 8 channels, Handsfree (VOX), Intercom function, VIBRACALL function, 5 selectable ringtones, Charging socket, Keypad lock, LCD display, 2.5 stereo / 3.5 mm mono jack for headset/headsets, Up to 35 hours standby time, Up to 5 km range, Dimensions: 53 x 89 x 28 mm, Weight: 63 g, Incl. 1x AL200 case, 4x MA 24-L-Clip microphone with earphone, 4 Midland G7 Pro PMR handheld radios incl. stand charger
Midland G7 Pro Case Set 4 MKII
Vendedor : Thomann PT
363,00 €
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